Basilica San Marco

Piazza San Marco (Venice)

Together to the campanile and St Mark's square, from which it takes its name, is the main monument of Venice and one of the symbols of Italy.
From the outside, divided into three different registers — lower floor, terrace, domes — the width, as in a city like Venice, which rests on a sandy soil, it tended to make the buildings in width, weighing more balanced.
Among the mosaics of the façade, the only one left of the original 13th century is one above the first on the left, the Allipius portal, which represents the entrance of the body of St mark in the basilica as it was then.
Among the works of art from Constantinople, the most famous is the famous horses of gilded and silvered.
Mosaic scenes, set in gold, according to Eastern tradition is the symbol of the divine light, are complemented by inscriptions in Latin.
Wonderful 12th-century polychrome mosaics cover the floor of the Basilica



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