Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore

Piazza di S. Maria Maggiore 42 (Rome)

The basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore was founded by Pope Liberius in the current place, where on the night of 2 August 4, 35 was snowed. This miracle was interpreted by the Pope with the desire of our Lady it was built a church in the place of the miracle. The August 5 is still celebrated snow. On this occasion "snow" white petals from the roof of the Church, which are collected by the pilgrims and the sick. Famous is the mosaic that dates back to the construction of the present building under Pope Sixtus III in 440. In addition, the Church houses the famous image Salus Populi Romani and several important tombs of Roman pontiffs. At the main altar there is a simple slab, Bernini's Tomb. Its bell tower is the highest in Rome.



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