Museo Nazionale del Palazzo di Venezia

Via del Plebiscito, 118, (Rome)

The Museo Nazionale del Palazzo di Venezia is housed in what was once the great papal residence of the Venetian Paul II Barbo (1464-1471), big fan of collections and ideal destiny initiator and artistic Museum of the building. Established in 1921, the Museum polarizes his interest to so-called "applied arts". His collections were formed from a nucleus of sculptures and artworks from Castel Sant'Angelo, the Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Antica and from the collections of the museo del Collegio Romano founded in the 17th century by Jesuit Athanasius Kircher encyclopedic. The artistic material of the original collection was composed of mainly works of medieval and Renaissance times, testimony of particular sectors sectors of decorative art as small bronzes, enamels, marbles, ceramics from Italian Manufactory

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