National Museum Of Rome-Palazzo Massimo

Largo di Villa Peretti, 1 (Rome)

The 19th-century neo-Renaissance-style Palace, near the Termini station, houses one of the most important collections of classical art in the world. In the four floors of the Museum, sculptures, frescoes, mosaics, coins and jewellery works document the evolution of the agreement the artistic culture from the late Roman Republican era to late (2nd century BC-5th century AD), through an exhibition route in which relive the history, myths and daily life of Rome. In the rooms of the ground floor are gorgeous Greek originals unearthed in Rome, like the Boxer, the Hellenistic Prince and Niobide from Horti Sallustiani, and portraiture of Republican and Imperial age, culminating in the statue of Augustus Pontifex Maximus. On the first floor are presented celebrated masterpieces of statuary, including the Discobolus Lancellotti, the Anzio maiden and the sleeping Hermaphrodite, and magnificent sarcophagi, as with a Portonaccio battle scene carved in high relief. On the second floor, frescoed walls and mosaics document home decoration of prestigious Roman residences. The basement houses the large collection numismatics, besides furnishings, jewelry and Grottarossa Mummy.

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