Museo Carlo Bilotti

Viale Fiorello La Guardia (Rome)

Inaugurated in 2006, the Museum is located in the historical Aranciera (Orangery) on the road that connects Porta Pinciana with Porta del Popolo. The Museum was founded thanks to the combined desire of a private citizen, Carlo Bilotti, and the Municipality of Rome to bring the city closer to contemporary art, to famous and historicized artists such as de Chirico, and to internationally known and innovative artists able to arouse curiosity, provoke and, in some way, stimulate. This is the case of Hirst, di De Kooning, di Fabre, di Guston, and numerous affirmed artists, who are international by birth or vocation and who have exhibited their works here. In the Museum there are a permanent collection set up mainly on the upper floor and temporary exhibitions housed above all in great hall of the Nymphaeum, closed and open at the same time thanks to the large window that allows natural light to enter and to restore the original location to the Nymphaeum Three rooms in the west wing and the 19th century orangery on the east side, all on the first floor, are also reserved for temporary exhibitions. A screening room, bookshop and refreshment area in the nearby Casina del Lago complete the Museum.

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