Valentine's Day: travel ideas for a unforgettable February 14

Valentine's Day, a romantic trip for the couple but also a new discovery of the origins and traditions of the most romantic holiday of the year. Valentine's Day is usually celebrated with chocolates and flowers and is a time for couples to take a relaxing trip to blow up the romance. Find the perfect itinerary for your Valentine's Date!

Valentine Day travel idea

The origins of Valentine's Day

Valentine, a native of Terni and bishop and martyr of Century II, is universally recognized as the "patron saint of lovers" after the celebration of a Christian marriage between the Roman legionary, Sabino, and a young Christian, Serapio.

The love and the religious sacrament clashed with the ancient pagan rituals of Lupercalia, a Roman festival dedicated to the purification of the fields and fertility rites. According to these rites a man and a woman were chosen by lot to live in intimacy until the following year, ensuring fruitful and propitious vintage.

The pagan ritual was canceled by the Pope in the fifth century and replaced with a new religious festival dedicated to St. Valentine, the patron saint of engaged couples, lovers and spouses.


Let's plan a romantic trip together!


Terni ... the "heart" of the traditional St. Valentine

In Terni "Valentine's Day" is celebrated with "Valentinians Events": music, sports, art and religion are the declination forms of the most hunted man feeling, love.

The list of events scheduled each year to celebrate the lovers is long: music concerts, fashion shows, antique car parades, wine tasting, Nordic Walking, cycling and little magic to enchant your partner.

The best-known events and expected in Terni, however are two: the Fair of San Valentino and the Promised Day.

The Fiera di San Valentino is a journey of more than three hundred exhibitors, food and crafts, from Viale Trento to Viale Turati, where we find the statue of Saint Valentine in completing the path between artifacts and tasty delights.

The Promise of the Feast takes place in the Basilica where the saint's relics are preserved and is the exchange of promises of love among the more than one hundred pairs of bride and groom. Others will renew their wedding vows at the wedding of Silver and Gold.


A Valentine's Day of chocolate in Perugia

Aphrodisiac food par excellence, chocolate is one of the most sold and appreciated gifts of the Lovers Day. Perugia leading the pack as a city to visit and an ideal spot to spend a valentine to the cocoa flavor.

Guided tours of the House of Chocolate and courses show cooking at the Scuola del Cioccolato Perugina. Your "kisses" will have a special flavor!


A St. Valentine...outside the box!

Relaxation and romance: the eternal pursuit of the couple perfection. The baths are thus travel an idea that will sure to be successful. Every town and spa organizes customized couple paths. If you want to organize a special Valentine you can organize a great trip and visit Budapest. The city of spas is the perfect combination of relaxation and romantic getaway: saunas, massages, party in the water and outdoor pools for a couple of well-being.









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