Rome and the Miracle of the Snow in summer

Do you believe in miracles? In Rome, the eternal city, even those can not miss. Do you think that there is one that is remembered every year on August 5th.

Which? Discover it with us!

Neve a Santa Maria Maggiore

The Miracle of the Snow festival, every year on August 5 in Rome in Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore, in front of the Basilica, is one of the most representative events of the Roman tradition.

The square is filled with music and lights and they are all ready to admire, in the most important moment of the festival, the "snow", sometimes white petals, sometimes more theatrical and choreographic inventions, really give the illusion to make it snow in square to evoke an ancient legend.

It is believed that, in the distant 352 A.D., the patrician John received in dreams the visit of the Virgin Mary asked him to help build a church in her honor where the next morning he found miraculously snow. It was August and the snow there would be spite, of course, the classic Roman summer temperatures! The next day the patrician ran to Pope Liberius and discovered that they had had the same dream! Meanwhile the miracle of snow in summer in Rome had taken place and the two found the snow to the Esquiline Hill, the point indicated in the dream. There was built the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore.

Every year on August 5 in Rome so they party in the hot Roman summer night sky admiring the snow and dancing all together.