Diabolik Exhibition now in Milan: a comics icon

An exhibition really different from usual is the one dedicated to Diabolik, comic hero icon '900 still very current, visited at the "WOW Comics Space" and that will delight those who have started reading comics all those years ago. The character, until September 18, will be the focus in the exhibition area Diabolik: the exhibition, the past, present and future. Through the exhibition you try telling that character, which now has more than half a century, having come to light thanks to the Giussani sisters in 1962.

Exhibition Diabolik


The exhibition allows us to understand the development of the character, where it originated, as they conceived it, as well as the great influence that has had the imagination and popular culture. Just think of the impact had on the world of comics the same: Diabolik, from a character created for a more adult audience already inspired characters for other age groups. Do we have to give you a hint? Who does not know and does not love Paperinik raise his hand!

In the last part of the exhibition there is also an eye to the future of the character, with the chance to see a preview of some tables of those who will be the next issues of the series, which still finds place on newsstands.

If you love the world of comics it is a gem that you can not miss!